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Sigma Nu is thankful for you

With the giving season upon us we want to thank each of you for your commitment to the fraternity. Whether it be through donations or time spent volunteering, we are thankful for your support in more ways than one. Sigma Nu is a brotherhood; by definition, “an association or community of people

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Homecoming 2021

UNC Homecoming was just this past weekend, and we want to hear your stories from the weekend! 

Email [email protected] to submit your stories and any photos you took!

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Notable Alumni

There is a long list of famous Sigma Nu brothers, which is not surprising at all considering the values we held that would attract men of character. Here at Sigma Nu, we have our very own celebrity alumni.

Bob Barker, “The Price is Right” Host

Joe Buck, Sportscaster on FOX tel

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Why Brothers Give

When alumni give, they are making a statement about their commitment to Sigma Nu and its impact. Everyone has their own WHY for becoming a donor.

Here are some personal testimonials from these generous donors to inspire all of us to do our part. Thank you to these Brothers for their contr

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Who Still Lives Near University of North Carolina?

Ever wondered how many of your brothers chose to stick around Chapel Hill a bit longer than you? Many of them still have their roots right in that region, to be exact! 

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Join the Honor Roll Today!

With 2020 behind us and a fresh new start on the horizon, we want to give Sigma Nu a running jump into the new school year and we can do that with your help! Your donations mean more to us than you think. They are proof that the bonds we made at UNC and the memories we have of Psi Chapter are sti

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The Perfect Sigma Nu Weekend 

After a year of self-isolation, many alumni brothers are excited to plan trips back to UNC to reconnect with old friends and relive the glory days this fall. What has you excited about the return to campus (and to normalcy)? 

With the start of school just around the corner, we lai

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Back to school with Sigma Nu

With school right around the corner, it got us thinking… What are some places in Chapel Hill you can’t wait to get back to? Take our poll below and see what your brothers had to say!